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Shot puts

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Shots bag Vinex

Price €7.44

Bag suitable for 4 shots, made of heavy duty synthetic fabric.

Producer - Vinex.

Sector line

Price €40.50

Sector line is made of 50 MM wide polypropylene webbing. Weather proof. Ideal for marking athletic sectors, courts & field boundary lines. Webbing has eyelets at every 10 metres for holding with anchors. Anchors not included.


From Price €114.88

Competition shot of brass. All shots are made in the smallest diameter allowed for each weight. IAAF certified.
Weight: 7,26kg, diameter:115mm.

Weight. 6.0 kg, diameter: 106 mm.

Weight: 5,0kg, diameter: 110mm.

Weight: 4,0kg, diameter: 95mm.

Weight: 3kg, diameter: 90mm.

Producer - Nordic Sport.

Competition shot Olympic...

Price €81.82

High-quality competition shot of turned lacquered steel. Weight: 7.26kg. Diameter: 125mm.

Producer - Nordic Sport.

NORDIC SPORT competition shot

From Price €123.97

Extremely durable competition shot. Made of turned stainless steel. IAAF certified.

Weight: 7,26kg, diameter: 129mm.

Weight:6,0kg, diameter: 119mm.

Weight:5,0kg, diameter: 100mm.

Weight: 4,0kg, diameter: 103mm.

Producer - Nordic Sport.

Shot, hammer, weight bag...

Price €16.53

Bag suitable for shot put, hammer, weight - diam. up to 165 mm, made of waterproof synthetic fabric, each holds one implement, Velcro closure, sturdy handle.

Producer - Polanik.

Shot put rack POLANIK

From Price €323.97

Rack can be stationary or mobile (on wheels). Capacity up to 24 pcs, holds complete sets of competition and training shots, powder painted steel tubes and profiles, delivered in flat carton box.

Producer - Polanik.

Chalk stand POLANIK

Price €479.34

White fibreglass container can be closed when not used, steel powder painted pole and base, tranported in parts.

Producer - Polanik.

Distance markers set...

Price €1,272.73

Set of 16 markers DM-35, range 15 m - 22 m increase by 1 m. For shot put.

Producer - Polanik.

Indoor shot put mat POLANIK...

Price €0.00

Indoor shot put mat 2 x 1 x 0,1 m. Special “sandwich” construction minimize shot rebound, visible impact mark easy to be recorded.

Producer - Polanik.

Competition indoor safety...

Price €0.00

IAAF certificated competition indoor safety barrier 3 m or 4 m. Modular construction made of steel galvanized and plywood, assembly without tools, foam pads installed by means of Velcro® belts, pillars equipped with pads, certified net, special distance markers, landing sector self adhesive tape included, standard sets easily extended with additional panels, designed to be used with shot put...

Portable shot put throwing...

Price €0.00

Portable shot put throwing circle with toe board. IAAF certified, supporting structure made of steel profiles and sections galvanized, top elements made of antiskid plywood 20 mm thick, 4 quadrants screwed together, competition toe board S-269.

Producer -...

Competition shot put stop...

Price €264.46

Competition shot put stop board. Steel frame with wooden cover, competition, IAAF certified, new and original steel-wooden construction, registered design, top element made of waterproof plywood 20 mm thick coated with ecological paint, can be easily replaced in case of accidental shot put drop or normal wear, steel galvanized and powder painted frame, endures 8 kg shot put impact dropped...

Competition shot put circle...

Price €471.07

Competition shot put circle. Diam. 2135 mm, galvanized steel, IAAF certified, set contains four parts (quadrants), made of galvanized steel, screwed with 8 bolts, inside coated with white paint.

Producer - Polanik.

Training shot ECONOMY

From Price €15.70

Cast iron training shots, round shaped and nicely painted. Maintains a weight tolerance of +/- 70 gm and round shape.

Producer - Vinex.

Training shot put POLANIK

From Price €32.23

Steel training turned shot put, powder painted, filled with special mixture of lead and fine shot. Weight - 2; 3 and 4 kg.

Producer - Polanik.