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Single ball carrying bag

Price €2.48

Single ball carrying bag is made of polyester mesh cloth fabric. Good enough to carry one ball and a pair of shoes.

Vinex sports bag - trolley

Price €131.40

Vinex sports bag trolley. Trolley made of tubular steel. Powder coated for durability with detachable heavy duty polyester fabric bag to hold balls, hula hoops & share poles.

Volleyball Meteor Chili

Price €13.22
Official weight and size volleyball, designed for training, school or just for recreational use. Material: Micro PU

Ball carrying net

Price €3.31

Ball carrying net made from mesh fabric to carry 10-12 balls.

MOLTEN air pump

Price €6.61

Small air pump. Easy and quick pumping up in both directions. Needle can be stored in the handle of the pump. 42 cm lenghth (incl. tube).

Ball compressor

Price €114.88

Compressor for inflating balls. With an extra long (3m) spiral tube to facilitate the inflation of the balls - footballs, handballs, training dummies, bicycle, car and motorcycle tires. Set includes accessories such as ball needle and various supplements with extra long 3m spiral tube. Very quiet vacuum engine (oil-free). Length of power cable: 1.8 m, power: 0.2 hp, capacity: max. 7 bar...

Valleyball MIKASA MVA 300

Price €53.72

Mikasa MVA300 - profesionalų kamuolys. Kamuoliui "Mikasa MVA 300" naudojamos unikalios naujos medžiagos ir naujos paviršiaus "bangelės", taip pat naudojamos visiškai naujos formos dalys, kurios neturi analogų. Naujas dizainas suteikia didesnį kamuolio atšokimą, naudojant mažesnį jėgos poveikį. Kamuolio skriejimo trajektorija stabilesnė. Kamuolyje yra nedidelės...

METEOR compressor for balls

Price €98.35

Compressor is designed for inflating items such as bicycle inner tubes, tires, boats, mattresses, balls. Ideal for schools. Maximum continuous service is 10 minutes. Powerful and durable. The set comes with a spare fuse, needle for inflating balls, plastic tip for inflating mattresses and inflatable toys, brass valve for inflating bicycle inner tubes.

 - Power:...

Volleyball MIKASA MVA 310

Price €37.19

Unikali mikro pluošto apvalkalo medžiaga - kamuoliui skriejant sumažinamas oro pasipriešinimas, todėl smūgiai gali būti greitesni, tikslesni, išradingesni,8-ių dalių sūkurinis apvalkalas - pagerinta kamuolio kontrolė ir perdavimas, didesnis tikslumas.

Skirtas žaidimui patalpose, salėse, standartinis 5 dydis ir svoris,...


Price €19.83

Extra light - 100 g volleyball for children and beginners. 

Air pressure manometer

Price €13.22

High-quality air pressure manometer for balls, which easily fits into any sports bag. Easy handling: simply insert the needle into the valve and read. Suitable for many ball sports such as football, handball, basketball, volleyball, etc. You will always have a ball with the appropriate air pressure. 

Ball carrying mesh bag

Price €15.70

Made of combination of polyester mesh fabric & black polyester lining with drawstring and adjustable shoulder strap. Can carry 12 to 14 balls. Size: 55 X 90 cm.

Ball carrying cage

Price €239.67

Ball carrying cage is made of heavy duty steel tubes. Powder coated for durability with top opening and lockable lid. Comes flat packed for economical transportation and storage and can be easily assembled. Size: 110 cm x 60 cm x 95 cm. 

Producer - Vinex.