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Footwork training system...

Price €123.14

World's first ever footwork training system for basketball players along with Gripmat and the App is revolutionry. Weight: 3,6 kg; size: 107 x 74 x 0,3 cm. Foldable. With carrying straps. 

Basketball Skillz cones set

Price €106.61
Cones, designed especially for basketball players. 10 cones in a set. It's the only cone made and designed with grip for picking up and moving spot to spot. Made with durable plastic that won’t crack and break like the normal cone. Cone has a wide base and rounded top. The grip, texture, and shape of the cone allows it to be stacked without getting stuck 

Basketball return net

Price €73.55

Basketball rollback rebounder net is good for basketball practice alone. It returns ball back to player. The net is 3 mm thick, 38 mm square, ir has weighted bags for stability. 

Defensive basketball...

Price €70.25

Pure Dfender basketball dummy can be placed anywhere to imitate the opponent. Learn how to throw or feed your hands up or over the opponent's defence. Ideal for both solo and team training. Moving past one or more defenders will develop ball handling skills and awareness of the playfield. 

Weight - 4,4 kg.
Height: 170-210 cm.
Material: 15% metal, 5% plastic, 30% PE, 50%...

Defensive Mannequin SKLZ...

Price €139.67

The SKLZ D-Man Pro is an adjustable defensive dummy and the perfect basketball training tool for throw, dribble, pass and attack exercises. Adjustable arms and legs attached to the dummy body with Velcro for realistic defenders. Ideal for training alone or with a team. 

Plastic base size 46x35 cm.
Dummy material - nylon with velcro.
Weight - 6,4 kg
Height without arms...

Defensive Mannequin SKLZ...

Price €81.82

The SKLZ D-Man is a hands-up defensive dummy and the perfect basketball training aid for throwing and defensive training. Ideal for training alone or with a team. With the SKLZ D-Man Offense players learn to dominate their opponent. Learn how to shoot or pass over or around the D-Man defender for game-like action. The D-Man helps players navigate around the court while working dribbling,...

Basketball shooting machine

From Price €6,296.69

The Dr. Dish is programmable, fully-automatic, basketball shooting machine. Easy to set-up and use. 

Dr. Dish Rebel: up to 19 spots around the perimeter; customizable time between passes and the number of balls thrown per location. Large LCD interface displays your training area and tracks your activities; texts you exactly what to do. Front Display Scoreboard displays time and shots...

Speed reaction ball

From Price €4.13

Speed reaction balls are made of rubber. Diameter - 7 cm. or 10 cm. Colour - yellow. Balls leap and pop randomly, keeping players on their toes. Can be used to play between team sports players, or rebound it against a wall for independent training. It works against all hard surfaces or walls and can be used as a fun way to improve technique in drills and training exercises.

Dribble specs
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Dribble specs

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These glasses keep basketball player from seeing the floor, trains to keep head up and watch the court. Dribble specs are used to improve concentration in the court. Psychologically they change the way of play, help to concentrate more on what's around, rather than what is underneath.

Tchoukball frame

Price €164.46

Freestanding adjustable coated frame. Ideal for use in an official game of Tchoukball but can also be used for rebound practice. Size: 1 x 1m. 

Punch & bodie shield

Price €73.55

Body shield is made from high quality synthetic material. Size: 70x35x15 cm. Light, comfortable fo hold. Ideal for a complete workout of punches, elbows, kicks and knee. Basketball players use body shields in practicing to play contact game.