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  • Graduated tape 10 m


    This PVC graduated mat for quick measurement for all kinds of throws. Width 25 cm, lenght 10 m. 

  • Track and field wooden starter


    Starter clapper made of wood for the best sound with dual colour painted for visual starting signal.

  • Rubber discus

    €14.00 From

    350 g; 500 g.

  • Trial hammer for children

    €140.00 From

    The trial hammer is specifically designed for children and athletics beginners and enables safe hammer throw technique training. Suitable for use indoors and on the sports fields. Available in 6 different weights. 3-kg and 4-kg hammers are IAAF certified for use in school athletics. Hammer has a soft nylon handle with steel reinforcement and comfortably sits in your hand. The ø 13.5 cm ball is made of rubber and has a steel ball bearing filling. The handle and ball are connected by a plastic-coated nylon cord which doesn't twist due to its construction. The separation of the handle, wire and ball, as well as the length of the wire are the same as official hammers.

  • Huge kids athletic training...


    This kit is suitable for kids athletic training in schools or clubs. It will help them in developing athletic sporting skills from a very early age.

  • Plastic relay batons Vinex


    Vinex relay batons, made of plastic with rounded ends. IAAF sertified. 8 psc.

  • Track and field training...


    Set suitable for trainerts includes:
    -plastic hurdle 15 cm. - 2 units.
    -plastic hurdle 23 cm. - 2 units.
    -plastic hurdle 30 cm - 2 units.
    -9 m. agility ladders - 1 unit.
    -plastic markers set (50 units.) - 1 unit.
    -reaction ball - 4 units.
    -skipping rope - 4 units.
    -strong resistance tube "Body Tube" - 1 unit.
    -extra strong resistance tube Body Tube - 1 unit.
    -resistance band for ankles - 1 unit.
    -resistance band for thigh - 1 unit.
    -loop Rubberband - 2 units.
    -sprint belt - 1 unit.
    -training parachute - 1 unit.
    -whistle - 1 unit.
    -carrying bag - 1 unit.

  • Elementary foam javelin

    Elementary javelin made of foam tube.
    Producer - Vinex.
  • Foldable training hurdle


    Easy adjustable and transportable X type training hurdle. Metal construction, plastic top bar. Height from 24 to 106.7 cm.

    15% discount for 10 psc.